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voces que dejan huellas
por Eduardo Ortiz Moreno



Poeta, dramaturgo y crítico literario británico-estadounidense. Obtuvo el Premio Nobel en 1958


T S Eliot reading Poems and Choruses

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T S Eliot

   The love song of J. Alfred Prufock

   Ash Wednesday

   Portrait of a lady

   A song for Simeon



   Mr. Eliots sunday morning service

   Triumphal march from Coriolan

   O light invisible from the rock

De "Murder in the cathedral"

   Part II, Opening chorus

De "Family reunion"

   Act II, A chorus


T S Eliot - The Waste Land and Other Poems

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T S Eliot

   The Waste Land

   The hollow men

   Journey of the magi

   La figlia che piange

   Landscapes: New hampshire, Virginia, Usk, Rannock by Glencoe, Cape Ann

   Morning at the window

   Difficulties of a stateman from Coriolan

   Sweeney among the nightingales

   Whispers of inmortality

   Macavity: the mystery cat

Library of Congress (LP)

T S Eliot Reading his own poems

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T S Eliot

   Sweeney among the nightingales

De "The Wasteland"

   I. The burial of the dead

   II. A game of chess

   III. The fire sermon

   IV. Death by water

   V. What the thunder said

De "Ash Wednesday"

   I. Because I do not hope to turn again

   II. Lady, three white leopards sat under a juniper tree

   III. At the first turning of the second stair

   IV. Who walked between the violet and the violet

   V. If the lost word is lost

   VI. Although I do not hope to turn again

   I. New Hampshire    

   II. Virginia    

His Masters Voice (LP)

T S Eliot - Four Quartets

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T S Eliot

Four Quartets

   Burnt Norton

   The Dry Salvages

   East Coker

   Little Gidding