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voces que dejan huellas
por Eduardo Ortiz Moreno



Poeta, filósofo y escritor norteamericano, así como destacada figura de la Generación Beat


The Allen Ginsberg Audio Collection

en la voz de
Allen Ginsberg

Disco 1



   Intro to Kaddish

   Kaddish I

   Kaddish II


   Kaddish III

   Kaddish IV

   Kaddish V

Disco 2

   Pull My Daisy

   A strange new cottage in Berkeley

   A supermarket in California

   Sunflower Sutra


   Many loves

   To Aunt Rose

   I am a victim of telephone

   Kral Majales

   Who be kind to

   City midnight junk strains

   On Neal´s ashes

   September on Jessore Road intro I

   On another´s sorrow blake

   September On Jessore Road intro II-Om Ah Hum

   September One Jessore Road intro III

   September on Jessore Road

   Mind Breaths

Disco 3

   Jaweh and Allah Battle

   Lay down Yr Mountain

   Don´t grow old intro

   Don´t grow old I

   Don´t grow old II

   Don´t grow old III

   Don´t grow old IV

   Don´t grow old V

   Don´t grow old VI

   Don´t grow old VII (Father death blues)

   Don´t grow old VIII

   Don´t grow old

   Punk rock You´re my big crybaby

   Plutonian ode I

   Plutonian ode II

   Plutonian ode III

   After Whitman (and) Reznikoff

   White shroud


   Personals ad

   Hum bomb

   After Lalon

   Put down your cigarette rag (Don´t smoke)

   Charnel ground

   C´mon pigs of western civilization

   Amazing grace

   Harper audio introduction