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voces que dejan huellas
por Eduardo Ortiz Moreno



Político, escritor, primer ministro del Reino Unido y Premio Nobel de Literatura en 1953

ProArte Digital (CD)

His finest hour

en la voz de
Winston Churchill

   British must arm, America must arm

   The causes of war (excerpt)

   Blood, toil. tears and sweat (excerpt)

   In a solemn hour

   A colossal military disaster

   This was their finest hour

   The first year

   Every man to his post

   Give us the tools

   Some chicken ... some neck

   The end of the war in Europe

   The iron curtain

   80th birthday

London Records (LP)

The voice of Winston Churchill

en la voz de
Winston Churchill

Side one - Band 1

   You asked what is our policy Without victory there is no survival - Corporal Hitler

Side one - Band 2

   War, september 1939

Side one - Band 3

   Fall of the government - Prime Minister - Whatever happens at Dunkirk - Dunkirk evacuation - Fight on the beaches - Their finest hour - Never in the field of human conflict

Side one - Band 4

   Invasion of Britain - Battle of Britain (september 15, 1940)- Like the Mississippi (Let it roll)- Battle of the Atlantic - Give us the tools    

Side two - Band 1

   Victory V broadcasts - United we stand, divided we fall

Side two - Band 2

   Hitlers corroding fingers - Invasion of Russia - Do your worst, and we will do our best

Side two - Band 3

   Meeting with Roosevelt - How near is the US to war? - Japan attacks Pearl Harbor - Look at the Londeoners - Some chicken... some neck - Blood, tears, toil and sweat

Side two - Band 4

   The atomic bomb - The iron curtain - This is your victory

Side two - Band 5

   President Kennedy, A proclamation, Washington